Re-Design Phase 1 – Complete

You should by now have noticed some pretty fundamental changes to the look of the blog, not least the removal of the naff title. I guess if your here, you pretty much know what this blog’s all about, right?

It’s only taken me about 18 months to get around to completing phase 1, so keep your eyes peeled for phase 2 which could hit your screens sometime between now and 2012.

If you like the new look, let me know. If you hate it, keep your opinions to yourself; this is not a democracy 😉 If you’re a genius WebDev and think you can do better, you are absolutely welcome to have a go.
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Birthday Boy

2 Years Old Today

Happy birthday baby boy. We love you with all our hearts (even though you’re a Looney).

Almost as if the excitement is too much, Alex’s tiredness finally gets the better of him.

photo by jane

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Midnight Gardeners

As the summer solstice is upon is, work on making the garden a safe and enjoyable place for the family is well underway. After three long years we have finally sown grass seed planted dozens of trees and shrubs. Work has been so intense that we only put down our shovels when it gets too dark to see, which is currently around 10.30pm.

Needless to say, we’re utterly shattered but determined that our children will not go another year without a garden.

Clearly the picture has nothing whatsoever to do with the title. It’s just a very cheesy grin.

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One Summer Afternoon

Lavender FieldsI think I’m justified in saying that Terrace Gardens in Richmond must be one of the most beautiful public parks in London, if not the UK.  It’s undergone some considerable manicuring over the last few years but now, as you can see, this is a truly beautiful place to spend a sunny afternoon.

How fantastic then, that this wonderful park is on my walk home from school.Terrace Gardens

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The Lemonade Journey

One hot summer’s morning the four friends Badger, Warthog, Rat and Squirrel were trying to get across The Rapid River. It was an extremely dangerous river to cross but they wanted to know if it was ok to have some lemonade at Racoons house.

“I know” Squirrel said finally, “we’ll build a bridge”.

“A what?” Said Badger.’’

“A bridge!  It’s something you go across when you want get to the other side of a river” said Squirrel again. So, the four of them built a bridge. “It’s amazing!” said Warthog and Rat together.

“Was I right, or was I right?” said Squirrel.

“All we need to do now is cross the bridge, right?” said Badger.

“Yes it is” said Squirrel.

Finally, they got to Racoon’s house. “Excuse me Racoon” said Rat. “Is it ok if we have some lemonade?” went on Rat.

“My pleasure” said Racoon. “I make a lot of lemonade on sunny days like these” and the five friends sat down to drink there lemonade and they all lived happily ever after.

A short story by Oliver Baker

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Simple Fact of Boyhood #2

IMAG0035 (3)

You can never have too much

Chocolate Milkshake!

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Spring Has Sprung

IMAG0032 (2) So it’s time to take to the green on the first warm weekend of the year.  Hurrah!

Is Alex waiting to receive a long ball in from the left wing?  Nope.  He’s eyeing up a slow-moving pigeon before moving in for the kill!  That’s my boy.

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