That’s my Boy!


Ok just a quick post today.  I absolutely love this picture of Ollie.  The quality and composition is awful (it was a snap from a camera phone), but it speaks volumes about Oliver.  We were on the train home from Waterloo one afternoon and I was doing one of the puzzles in the Daily Mail.  Oliver wanted a piece of the action and took the pen and paper from me, then proceeded to quietly get on with working out the puzzle for himself, only breaking concentration when I called his name for this photograph.  Does anyone else consider this to unusual behaviour for a three year old?

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One Response to That’s my Boy!

  1. grandpa says:

    Well Granpa & Granma Madeline read Olli’s blogg so your not wasting your time steve.With regard to doing puzzles, well he is a bit special and clever.Lots of love & kisses Olli.

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