07122008464Sundays mean one thing in the Pulfrey-Baker household.  Starbucks!  We love every drop of it’s capitalist, multinational, globalized, ecologically unsound, ethically reprehensible, intestinally indigestible Grande Skinny Cappuccinos, Vente Whole-Milk  Lattes and enormous Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Ollie also loves Starbucks and is more than a little partial to a Babycino.  If you’ve never experienced a Babycino before, simply take a small child into your local Starbucks and ask for one with your order.  Looking surprised when you are not charged anything for the Babycino is entirely optional. Take the Babycino to the custom bar and pour in a little whole milk then dust with chocolate powder.  I defy anyone not to grin from ear to ear as they present their toddler with what looks like a mini capuccino, for the first time.

The effects of the Babycino are plain to see, but only to the trained eye. Quietly behaving children with thin brown moustaches!  See picture.

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